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Meet the Team

Our team at Nobile Psychology is a mix of psychologist and social workers who deeply care about the human experience. The Nobile Psychology team meets regularly to dive deeper into our passion of science based treatment and practices. We believe in what we do and love seeing our patient's progress. The Nobile Psychology team offers both breadth and depth in expertise. Reach out today to get matched with someone on our team!

Dr. Catherine Nobile

Specialty: OCD, Phobias, Couples

Methods: CBT, ERP, DBT, EFT, ACT

Treats: Adults, Teens, Couples

Fees: $300-400

Jessie Forstmann

Specialty: OCD, Parent Coaching, Anxiety, Depression

Methods: CBT, DBT, ERP

Treats: Adults, Teens, Children, Families

Fees: $150-210

Avi Singer

Specialty: Couples, Anxiety, Men's Issues, Trauma

Methods: EMDR, IFS, EFT, Psychodynamic

Treats: Adults, Couples, Families

Fees: $150-210

Dr. Charlotte Heleniak

Specialty: Child Therapy, Parent Coaching, Anxiety, Life Transitions

Methods: CBT, DBT

Treats: Adults, Teens, Children, Families

Fees: $300-400