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Supervision & Consultation


Ongoing supervision. Flexible structure (weekly to check in as needed)

Individual supervision is a helpful and necessary tool for those who are interested in growing as a therapist.

We will focus on your individual style, working to marry your therapeutic voice with cognitive behavioral therapy. You will receive detailed guidance on conceptualization, interventions, diagnostic issues, and documentation. If requested I will listen to and review the tape (with consent) to maximize your learning experience.

If you are interested in adding CBT to your practice, contact me today.


Lunch & Learn

Ongoing supervision group. 1-hour weekly meetings. The group will cap at 4 members


  • Build a deep and nuanced understanding of the principles of CBT through didactic material. **Will provide based on the needs of the group.
  • Develop strategies to apply treatment in an individually tailored way.
  • Gain confidence in implementing evidence-based care both adherently and creatively.
  • Review audio and tape (with consent) to solidify mastery of skills.
  • Cover special topics including CBT with diagnoses, groups, etc.

Several groups will run depending on the members’ needs. Open to beginners through advanced CBT clinicians.

If you are interested in group supervision, contact me today.


1 night/month, ongoing. Attend as needed or come regularly

This workshop is great for therapists looking for a new perspective on their practice. We will discuss ways to integrate CBT into your current work. The focus of the workshop is a discussion of CBT fundamentals, conceptualization, and treatment planning.

Contact me today for more information.