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Laura Schroth


Laura Schroth is a warm, caring presence with a keen eye for detail and a heart for helping others. Raised with a spirit of empathy and a thirst for understanding, she didn't take the conventional path of academia but pursued a different kind of education - one that involved real-world experiences around the globe. Through her humanitarian work, she had the privilege of serving alongside communities in need, learning invaluable lessons in resilience, solidarity, and the universal language of compassion. Despite the challenges and hardships witnessed, Laura remained humbled by the power and strength of the human spirit.

Forever fascinated by the study of people- their culture, beliefs, upbringing, and personalities, Laura pursued work connected to mental health. Laura's career in operations management began with a desire to support the healing process from behind the scenes. Drawing on her organizational skills and strategic mindset, she enjoys playing a pivotal role in streamlining administrative processes, maximizing resources, and fostering a nurturing environment for both staff and clients.

In her free time, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors, finding the perfect cup of coffee, and spending sweet time together with her husband over dinner. Laura deeply believes that in both the grand adventures of life, as well as in the mundane moments, step by step, there is hope to find our way home.

Laura's Statement:

"People are people. Beautiful sacred beings, and also inescapably human. We bend and break, we hurt and heal, we love and we lose. No one is exempt from being human, and in that knowledge there is peace, for we know that we are not alone."