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Tailored Therapy Solutions for Woodmere, NY, Residents

Beacon Behavioral Therapy offers evidence-based therapy to address many mental health concerns, ensuring that individuals, couples, and families in Woodmere, New York, have access to the support they need. Our licensed therapists provide the highest quality of care whether you’re dealing with OCD, PTSD, anxiety disorders, or mood disorders.

Customized Therapy Approaches

Each person's journey is unique, so we creatively implement evidence-based treatments like acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and emotion-focused therapy (EFT) to address your specific needs and goals. We empower you to gain insight, cultivate positive change, and overcome the obstacles holding you back.

Compassionate Couples Therapy

If you’re experiencing marital conflict, Beacon Behavioral Therapy can help. We offer couples therapy services to help you and your partner navigate challenges, improve communication, and rekindle your connection. We nurture healthy relationships and guide you toward a harmonious partnership.

Family Therapy and Discord Resolution

Improve your family relationships with Beacon Behavioral Therapy. Our expert therapists excel in family therapy, where we use effective approaches such as EFT to promote understanding and resolution of family discord. We believe in strengthening bonds and fostering a supportive environment for every family member.

Therapy Customized for Children

Children face unique emotional challenges that require specialized care. Our children's therapy services provide a safe space for young individuals to express themselves and develop essential coping strategies. We often use techniques like CBT to help children overcome their obstacles and thrive.

Chat With a Licensed Therapist

We understand that choosing therapy is an important decision. To help you get started, we offer free 20-minute consultations, both in-person and via video, for Woodmere, NY, residents. Contact Beacon Behavioral Therapy today to schedule your free consultation.